Saturday, April 9, 2011

Best decision I EVER MADE!!!!

I completed my shakeology cleanse a few hours short of 72 hours. Unfortunately I was running around alot at work with arrests and crazy situations. And then when I did Core Synergistics I was so wiped out I needed to eat more than recommended. Though I did not fully complete it, I am happy I lost a few pounds. Its more than what I would have lost without it. My body feels better. I feel so much healthier. What’s awesome about this cleanse is it doesn’t wipe out your schedule by making you stay in the bathroom the whole time. You get to live your life normally and in 3 days you feel like a whole new person.

I am so happy that I am in week 8. It awesome to be so close. I am already looking forward to round 2 of p90x. I know within the year ill have great results. I already have great results but ill look phenomenal. Im so happy! This is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I cant wait to have people feel as great as I do! I look forward to my workouts almost every day. I never in my wild dreams would think that I would become addicted to my workouts but I am. On my rest days I feel like I haven’t worked out in days. This is my recovery week and I’m going to be sneaking in some BBL workouts. I cant express enough how awesome it feels to get stronger, look leaner, feel healthier, and to be overall happy with your body. I’m not afraid to lift my shirt up  to show my stomach. There’s no 6 pack there yet but I do have muscles showing. Its great!

I cant wait to start a fit club here in Pittsburgh with Kati Heifner.  It will be so great! We will get to change peoples lives for the better. People will feel great b/c of our help and in turn they will help others. I hope we can get it started in the next month. Kati Heifner, Kristin Maher, and myself are hosting a Get Healthy Party on April 17th. We’ll make healthy recipes, shakeology, and shakeology oatmeal bars for people to try. We’ll talk about Team Beach Body and their products and answer everyone’s questions. Hopefully we’ll get people started on the path of healthiness. I’m so excited to do this.
My mom said she wants to jump on board so that is awesome. We’ll whip her into shape and show how a mother-daughter couple can do it!

By far the best decision I ever made!!

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