Friday, March 25, 2011

No Excuses

I can't believe I am already into Week 6...that means I am half way through! I am so happy. While there are still days I dont feel like working out, I still make sure I push play and I always end up Bringing it! I have realized multiple things about myself through this transformation. I love feeling healthier and looking better as I'm sure everyone else does. I am loving it so much that I have been wanting others to get healthy too. It's not because I want to push this program on others but because I have become so happy with my body that I want other people to feel this good too.

I've encountered a few people that aren't happy with themselves and were complaining. I tell them how much I love Team Beach Body, my Team Bombshell and P90X. However, I'm only met with excuses, excuses, excuses. I have heard some doozies of excuses. I correct them where I can about the truths of healthiness but more excuses come out. I dont want to be pushy b/c I want people to want to do it. I want people to come to me b/c they see my results and want to improve their lives. But I can't make them want to do this. They have to want it and have the motivation to do it. I would love to help them on their journey but you can't push someone that isn't ready. So I'm bidding my time and when they are ready I will be here.

I can't believe how many people complain about fad diets and how they don't work, but if a program doesn't have you exercising and eating healthy...IT WONT WORK! Anything that says 'you can eat everything you want,' 'you never need to exercise' wont work. It's not science, its not magic, its not a miracle. It's common sense. Your body needs to work out and exert energy to get fit and stronger. And your body needs the right fuel to make it happen. While there is no magic bullet that will make you skinny in a week (which a lot of people think can happen) as long as you keep exercising and eating right you will see results. I saw results in 30 days. That's awesome and I'm so happy with it. That means I'll see more results at Day 60 and Day 90.

Basically my message is Exercise and Eat Healthy to see results. Stop making excuses and try. Anyone reading this that needs help or has questions, I can help. If I cant, I have a huge support system I can expose you to and bring you in and they can answer your questions. It's like a family.

I work night turn (11pm-7am)  and work 60+ hours a week. This shift is not normal for the human body and it does not like it. I cant fit 8 straight hours of sleep in day. I have to take naps throughout the day. I work the opposite shift as my fiancee so seeing him is a priority. I still need to find time to clean the house, cook, do errands, etc. Yet I work out for an hour plus a day. If I can do with it with a backwards schedule, anyone can. I understand there aren't enough hours in the day but you have to make time. The time you take to sit on your butt watching tv is time you can workout. I would rather workout and relieve my stress versus sitting on the couch letting my stress build up. Make it a family event. So many people on my time workout the same time as their partners and even get their children involved. Its amazing how it can bring you together. I love working out with my fiancee even if we arent doing the same thing. Since he started working out when I do  he pushes harder, tries some of the moves I do, and now we both are eating better. I love it!

That is all for now...I am just so happy with myself that I want everyone else to feel as great as I do!

Do your best and forget the rest!

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