Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 2 Completed

Though it is 430 am on Wednesday, it is technically Tuesday night to me since my shift is from 2300 hours Tuesday night to 700 hours Wednesday morning. Wednesday is my rest day or X stretch...I'm still debating if I will do the X stretch but I think I'll give it a try since I haven't yet. But whether I do it or not, Wednesday brings the completion of Week 2 to a close! I was so pumped to be working out that I threw in a second workout in tonight (I'll be adding it to Tuesday's calendar). I took my '30' (lunch break) and went to the gym at my station and did the stair climber. I felt the burn. Then I sipped on my Shakeology for a yummy recovery drink. I love doing a second cardio workout on my lunch break when I can fit it in because it helps me get through the rest of my work shift. Plus I feel so happy knowing that I am helping myself get fit and healthy. I know it takes time but these extra workouts will help. And I feel great afterwards. So the nights I work when it's slow, I'll definitely be trying to squeeze in that second workout. This is one of the pluses to night shift.

On a side note...I ordered BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT!!! Anyone that has every tried it, loves it. I tried it over Kati Heifner's house and I loved it. I was waiting to buy it but I had some spare money and decided I couldn't wait to do it again. So YAY....hopefully it gets here this week.

I found something humorous now that I've been doing P90X....I was going through workout videos I've collected over the years and I found most were 20 mins long. I couldn't help but laugh because I kept thinking 20 mins isn't anything. Before P90x, 20 mins was a long time now it means I'm almost done my workout. Funny how things change. It's also funny to think my Kenpo X days are the easy day of the week even though it's an hour workout. But I love P90x and want/will tell anyone that listens that the program is great for getting into shape, feeling better about yourself physically and mentally, and will change your life.

Bring on Week 3!!!!  :)

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