Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 9 completed

I finished my Day 9 workout which was Cardio X. Again I did this workout and my workout yesterday, Core Synergistics, without the video. It seems a little strange but even though this is Day 9 of my workout, I've actually been in the process of doing P90 for the last 2+ months. So I've memorized the routines plus I use the book that details each workout. I actually worked out harder because instead of having a timer stop me, I did max reps. Wow it really wore me out yesterday and today I was a sweating machine. I have to admit while I feel tired for a little while after the workout, I love it. I love it because I know that means I worked. I love having some part of my body feeling slightly (or majorly) sore because that means I really worked those muscles and I'll see the results soon. So I am still pumped about working out and haven't missed a day yet.

I have been keeping up with my eating diet. I have not had added sugar or sweets in 3 days. Someone had left candy out for us to eat the other day. I looked at it and thought about whether I wanted it or not and I truly didn't want it. I was proud of myself for not taking any. I still has cravings for some things like ice cream and donuts but since I'm not going out of my way to get them, I'm not eating them. My fiancee has some of the candy he was craving in the house and I thought I would be dying to eat some but I'm not. I like about my yummy whey protein shakes or Shakeology or Kati's awesome Shakeology oatmeal bars. I've gotten hooked on those bars and I think its funny that I cant eat a big piece because it's too rich for me. So I am making progress in the sweets department. Also I haven't eaten fast food in weeks!!!! I don't even crave them like I used to. Again these are little steps but I am so happy with myself. My current addiction are grapefruits. Dont know why but I love having a grapefruit with breakfast.

Well that's enough for today, I just needed to get my few thoughts down since I haven't in a few days. So glad I'm doing this and I'm reminded every day by all the members of Team Bombshell and my awesome friend, Kati Heifner!!!

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