Thursday, February 10, 2011

My inspiration

I realized that I was always motivated to get off the couch and workout when ever I was reading one of my magazines: Fitness, Shape, etc or watching the Biggest Loser. I felt empowered like 'That could be me!' And then I would usually eat a little healthier that day and workout. Unfortunately I was finding that I didnt have enough of these motivations tools. I had Katie Heinfer's videos, blogs, etc to look at but I've read them so many times I know them by heart. However, today Katie sent me a video of a P90x transformation. And WOW it was mind-blowing. Right after I watched it I went to my basement and did my workout, which I was postponing. I kicked my butt and loved it. I realized my inspiration is all of the people on Team Beachbody and all the transformation videos on Youtube. I decided I will watch a transformation video once a day before my workout to ensure that I workout. I also started friending the people on Team Bombshell so I can see their blogs and such directly for more inspiration. I love seeing normal people achieve AMAZING results!!!! If you have any videos you want to share with me...please do!!!!!!!

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