Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 2

I am so happy that my best friend Kati Heifner took a step for me and posted my blog on Team Bombshell so I could have others follow my blog. It made me really excited and it seems like it will push me to stay on track because I have people following me on theis journey.

Well my next mini-milestone was to introduce a second work out while I was at work. I work the night turn shift (11pm-7 am) and it tends to get slow on most nights around 4-5 am. I figured a couple nights a week I should be able to squeeze in a 20-30 min workout like my LT does. So this morning at 330 am I got my butt to the station and went upstairs to our gym and used the Stair Climber for 20 mins! It hurt but I was so happy I did it. When I did my Cardio X today I was so happy that I got two workouts in. I'll have some problems on the weekend b/c we get alot of calls all night (I'm a police officer since I realized I didn't mention it). But still to get in a workout tues-thurs mornings will be nice. Hope I can keep it up!!!!!

Thanks everyone!!!!!

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