Thursday, February 10, 2011

Intro to me

I started this blog to make myself accountable for my progress. I've noticed I felt great when I shared my experiences, progress, thoughts, and mini-milestones with my dearest friend, Kati Heifner. She has given me so much drive and determination to complete my goals. (She is one of my heroes) I hope I can magnify this thrill by sharing my progress with others.
Also with this blog as I try to create a healthier lifestyle for myself, I want to inspire others to become healthy. I want other people to see that they can change their health for the better. I'm a normal person with a normal life and it includes all the problems normal people encounter. We're not celebrities so we have to work twice as hard to reach our goals. But it is possible as long as you have the drive and desire.

I have only been working on eating habits since January but I already have reached some mini-milestones that I am excited about. I am a huge sugar addict!!! I love cakes, ice cream, chocolate, pastries, and any other dessert oriented food. I would go out of my way to get sugar. But since I started concentrating on this one area of my life, I actually went 4 days without sugar. This may seem small but to me...its HUGE! I never thought I could go one day without sugar. But now I actually will turn down desserts or that trip to the store to get my sugary treats. I also had an epiphany. I would beat my self up if I did give into my temptations. I would get so upset at my weakness even though all health articles say 'Don't deprive yourself.' But seriously how could I be so weak that I am controlled by sugar? Then after talking to my best friend, she reminded me remember that we're only human. And its ok to eat my treats once in a while but I need make sure I work out afterwards to make up for it. For some reason the light bulb clicked on and I felt better. Now I am controlling my sugar habits but thinking ' Do I really want to have to work this off later?' Plus the yumminess of Shakeology helps curb my chocolate cravings.

I started the P90X program in Jan but do to the flu, bronchitis, and hurting my back falling down stairs, I wasn't able to dedicate myself to as I had hoped. However, Feb is a brand new month and I have been following the workouts.

After writing that novel...I hope those that read this will see where I am starting and will choose to follow along.

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