Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week 1 Done

Well now that I started P90X with the Awesome Kati Heifner, I am done with Week 1!!!!! YAY!!! I'm really sore especially in my hamstrings and butt, however I still feel great. I have felt more energized. Because of my soreness I'm going to do the X Stretch tomorrow to really treat my body to the stretch it deserves. Then Week 2 - Watch out cause I'm coming back for more.

My food journal skills slipped while on vacation so I am getting back into it. I noticed even after 1 week of keeping track that I ate a little better because (it may sound silly) I hated writing down a food item that had more than 300-400 calories. I'm guessing that's the point but still it really made me think. Plus it was nice knowing how many calories certain foods are and then I would think do I really want to waste a few hundred calories on that? I still let myself indulge more than I should but it's a start. Well that's enough for today...I need to get ready for my first night back at work on night turn

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