Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 3 & Loving my Team Bombshell

Well I wanted to start Week 3 on a good note so I did a cardio workout at 330 in the morning on my lunch break. 25 mins of running can really wake you up when you're starting to fall asleep. I haven't ran since December and was thinking with P90X I would be working all the same muscles. However, I was feeling some muscles work that haven't been worked too much. Don't get me wrong P90X is amazing in making your muscles work but there were still some that hadn't been in as great of shape as I wanted. So this was a great reminder to me that I need these second workouts to help work all my muscles. I was quite ashamed that I was winded within ten minutes and I wasn't doing a very fast speed. But then again I was almost completely incapacitated all of Janurary and technically I'm only starting my third week straight of P90X. I know I need patience and to keep working hard to see results. I want to feel like Super Woman but Rome wasn't built in a day. My schedule will be slightly messed up and I will not be able to go to bed at 7 am like normal but I'm going to make sure I get my butt up and do Core Synergistics in the evening.

I am so blessed to have the members of Team Bombshell to help push me along and guide me. Every one on the team is so encouraging and always writes positive things. I know I can go to the board anytime with questions and a dozen people will write back. I love all the blogs I get to read. All of them are informative or inspiring, or even both. Kati Heifner has been blogging awesome healthy recipes that are so yummy. I am so thankful to have her as my best friend. She also has been making a ton of video journals, which really shows her dedication and makes me want to push harder. Jennifer McKenzie also has really informative blogs that I love reading when its slow in the middle of the my shift. It's great to have all this information flowing in all around me. And every single member has amazing pictures of their transformations or is showing great dedication while in the process of getting the body of their dreams  Thank you to all the members of Team Bombshell, you are a great support system!!

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