Thursday, May 5, 2011

15 days left!!!

I cannot believe I have 15 days left of my first round of P90X!!!! I am so excited!!!!!! I cant believe I stuck to a fitness program for 90 days. When I first thought about starting P90X (for the 4th time) I was like 'how on earth will I do this for 90 days?' Now I'm like 'How could I not do this every day?' It is amazing how not only my body is changing, getting stronger and more fit, but my mental state and emotional state is so much stronger than it was before. Dont get me wrong, I've had days where I wasn't feeling it at all. There were some days I just wanted to lay on the couch but my fiancee or Kati Heifner would remind me how much better I would feel if I worked out and they were right. Other days, since I work sometimes 60+ hours a week, I would be running on 2-4 hours of sleep and would rather sleep. Sometimes I could but I noticed when I spent 45 minutes working out, I slept better and felt better even though I was sleep deprived. When I would go with only a few hours of sleep or no sleep and would sit on the couch verse working out, I felt like crap alllllll day long. So it is official, I am hooked to working out!!!

Reflecting on these past 75 days, I know I didn't eat the best, but my eating habits became so much better. So instead of harping on what I did wrong I'm looking at what I did right and how to prevent myself from doing wrong again. I went from eating fast food a few times a week to once every few weeks. I ate a ton of sugar, candy, pastries, etc all day long. Now I hardly eat candy and I havent had a pastries in over two months. THANK YOU SHAKEOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shakeology gets all the credit for putting a stop to my bingeful sugar addiction. Shakeology is my lifeline and if I go a day without Shakeology or at least a Shakeology brownie, I am mean. I'm not joking...I get mean, moody, and think about it until I can get some. Sad, but true :) and I love it! So while I'm not where I want to be YET (key word YET) I'm going to keep pushing play and 'Do my Best and Forget the Rest!' and I know I'm going to improve even more and continue to love myself even more

I really want to inspire others to exercise and eat better. I get so many excuses back and I understand why because I was the same way but I hope one day people will see how happy/passionate I am with myself, my body, my progress, and my hard work and they will want to be like that enough that they will push past the excuses and finally step up to the plate. I know people will stumble and fail through this difficult journey (Lord knows I did) but I want to help people to keep pushing forward so they can be as happy as I am. When you are happy with yourself, everything else really does fall into place. When you love yourself, you'll be able to handle your life better and handle stress better. I'm going to keep reaching for my dream of helping others and I hope one day it happens :)

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