Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Starting Round 2 of P90X

I finished Day 3 of Round 2 of P90X. I had originally started round 2 last week but the fabulous Farah Khan decided she was going to start her second round as well. I know how successful I was working with another person so I jumped on the opportunity. We are now on day 3 and Im feeling so much better. It's amazing how you can change your lifestyle without even realizing it.

I started Round 1 of P90X in March and though I thought I'd never be a workout person, I kept pushing play. I could tell that I didn't like not working out after a few weeks. One my rest day, I felt like a lump. Then I hurt my back with Insanity and could workout for weeks. I thought I was going to die without working out. I walked on the treadmill just to do something. I was so paranoid that I would enjoy being lazy that I wouldnt want to start working out again. I was so wrong! I am so addicted to these workout programs! And I love it!! I couldnt be happier that I'm back to exercising. I'm taking it a little lighter the first week or two to make sure I dont inflame some injury in my back. But I feel so happy that I'm working out :) 

I am a little bummed that Insanity beat me hard. I really did like the workouts and felt great that I was almost completely the whole workout each day. After my second round I'll start a hybrid of P90X/Insanity then hopefully Insanity!

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