Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting back on the track can be the hardest thing...But you have to do it!

Here I am writing this blog over 6 months after my last one. Many things have happened. Many things have changed in my life, but one thing didn' determination to get healthy. Am I perfect in my health kick? HECK  NO! Am I trying and making improvements? YES!

Since my last blog I hurt my back again. I decided to see a physical therapist. I only went twice before I got a horrible stomach virus keeping me out of commission for 10 days. Plus I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid Disorder and had to get my medication adjusted so I wasn't so sick fro taking it. My fiance and I moved up the wedding a year early so the planning took a lot of my time for a few months. However with all of this going on I continued to workout when I could and try to not eat all the junk I used to it. I did indulge one too many times though. I would be very hard on myself and stress but I'm starting to learn to not hate myself but instead change it the next time. I had to push myself to do what needed to be done.

I bought more Beachbody workout programs, which I love them all!!!!! Except Rockin Body because I can't dance like that and when I try I look like a flopping fish. I am currently exercising to a hybrid program I created of Les Mill Pump and Insanity. I LOVE IT!!!!!! I'm back to concentrating on my eating habits and invested in the Eat Clean Companion which has me log all the food I eat so I can face my ugly demons.

Though I have had a ton of obstacles come my way (which we all have) I have still had my health in the back of my mind. The point of my returning blog is I know life is hard. I know we all have obstacles, priorities, stress, and weaknesses. But without making yourself a priority and taking care of your healthy, how long do you think you will live and be able to carry the work load you do. I know you have children and a stressful job, but if you are sick and unhealthy how are you going to take care of them?

I work over 60 hours a week with my main shift on night-turn. I have court a few days a week, security details to pay for my wedding. I get less than 7 hours of sleep most days with an average of 4-6. I have a fiance who works an opposite shift than me and I try to see him. Plus I need to do house work, errands, etc and workout for an hour a day.

No one is asking for you to eat perfect and be amazing at your workout program Day 1. We want you to start making little improvements every day. Set small goals that are obtainable. Do 1 more push-up than you did the day before. Drink an extra glass of water. Say no to the piece of candy. The list goes on and on and on of all the little goals you can make for yourself. After sticking to your goals for a month, it'll be a habit that comes to you as natural as breathing.


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